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Blogging history? Autoblog giving away a $29,000 car

This is a bit of blogging history being made, me thinks. Can’t remember a blog ever giving away a prize as expensive as a $29,000 car. Well, it’s an SUV, the 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T to be exact. Still, kind of says something about how far blogs have come.

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The Top 15 Sexiest Nerd Boys

Today, the results from an extremely scientific poll were revealed, ranking the Top 10 Hottest Hunks here on Planet Earth and the results were less than surprising. At least for the number 1 spot.

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flickrSLiDR launched

Created by Paul Stamatiou, flickrSLiDR allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All you need to do is enter the flickr URL address of the user, photo set or group you would like to embed along with some options. You’ll receive the HTML embed code in return.

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