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Lose Weight with The Biggest Loser
Use the diet and fitness program as seen on the show and gain advice from The Biggest Loser experts and Contestants.

Daily Meal Plans & Recipes
Get the same personalized plans featuring foods and recipes that helped the contestants lose weight and become healthier. You will also get shopping lists and recipes!

Customized Fitness Program
Burn you calories with The Biggest Loser circuit program you can do at home or at the gym. Every exercise will be demonstrated to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Connect With Bob Harper and Cast Members
Use the message boards to learn their tips, tricks and secrets, find answers to all your questions, and get motivated!

Personal Progress Journal
Share your experience and succes with other Club members, Contestants and Trainers

Newsletter, Tips, and More
Get inspiration, motivation, and the information you need to succeed on e-mail and online. Club members will also have exclusive benefits like access to a limited number of tickets to The Biggest Loser Season 3 finale, and much more!

Start Losing Weight Today!

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